Last Weekend for Photo Book Works

Last Weekend for Photo Book Works

Can't Believe it Ends Saturday!

Last night's Photo Council event was a big hit. I wasn't able to be there myself but the reports I hear from the 20 or so folks who made it were glowing. Special thanks to Lauren Henkin and Victoria Bjorklund (photo at right) for talking about their work. And big thanks to Steve Russell and Jennifer Stoots for taking the reigns in my absence.

Photo Book Works has been a big hit and it just amazes me that this is the last weekend for the show. It's been a very busy show and the time has flown by. It seems photographers are totally intrigued by the idea of having a portable exhibition in the form of a book. Many photographers who only thought they would be interested in making POD books are now thoroughly intrigued by the idea that they could make their books with their own hands. The ability to expand the concept behind a body of photographs opens up a whole new world of materials and structures and even the tempting idea of pushing the definition of a book. Stop by today until 6:00 p.m. or Saturday from Noon to 6:00 p.m. for your last chance to get a look at the beauties in this show.

Have a great weekend,