Installation Continues....

Installation Continues....

Diane and her merry band of helpers have been here day and night continuing work on her installation. What started on Sunday must wrap up before we open the gallery tomorrow, Thursday at noon. Will she make it? Whew! It's going to be tight. 

This morning I found her sitting on the floor surrounded by a circle of magnolia tree leaves while in the back room her friend Veronica, a supposed expert at lighting, was working on ways to configure shadows with words. Evidently casting a shadow through a clay fork with words cut into it is kind of tough when you want to read the word in the shadow. Who knew?

The gallery looks all closed up from the street, the black paper covering the windows looks like we're not even open, but don't worry. We are opening tomorrow at noon. Join us to celebrate Diane's achievement on Friday. We'll be open for the First Friday festivities from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. I'm sure Diane will be ready for a toast and a will be excited to share her creations with you.

See you soon,