How to Subscribe to 23 Sandy's New Blog

How to Subscribe to 23 Sandy's New Blog

Welcome to the new 23 Sandy Gallery blog. As you can see we have ported over all of the old posts from our previous blog site, including the very popular articles such as Photographing Your Artist Books and our listing of Book Arts Resources. Those articles will continue to be linked on the top right sidebar of our blog page.

Several folks have asked how to "subscribe" to our blog. Subscribing means that new posts come to you automatically via some kind of blog reader, of which there are many. The easiest way to subscribe is to click on the orange button on the right sidebar of our blog page that says "RSS Feeds for Posts." You should then be directed to add the blog "feed" to whatever blog reader you already use.

If you don't have a blog reader set up I recommend using Apple's Mail software as your reader. New blog feeds show up right below your email on the left side your mail window. This makes perusing new blog posts and staying on top of the latest 23 Sandy happenings very simple.

Happy reading,