Hedi Kyle Video Interview Inspiration & The Pivoting Panel Book

Hedi Kyle Video Interview Inspiration & The Pivoting Panel Book

Need a video to entertain you on that holiday plane trip next week? Have a holiday vacation with some spare time? This video interview of Hedi Kyle might be inspiring as you start thinking about new work for your entry for the HELLO HEDI show. It was filmed in 2009 as part of the non-profit Senior Artists Initiative Inventory and Oral History Project. Hedi was interviewed by Michelle Dauberman in Philadelphia at Hedi's home studio. She talks about her life growing up in Germany, coming to America, raising a family, studying binding and her nearly 30 year career as a binder and book conservator and teacher. Then Hedi shows Michelle around her studio while showing us a few of her own fantastic books and telling us the stories behind those books. It's a lovely way to get to know Hedi and her work.

One of the books that I found most inspiring in the video is a variation on Hedi's Pivoting Panels book structure. You might remember this structure from Julie Chen's book in our Assignment show way back in 2009. Julie's book, titled Personal Topology is a beautiful example of this structure, which has kinetic panels on accordion pages that swing out and forward when the accordion is opened.

If you watch the Hedi video closely, you'll see a very interesting variation on this structure that accommodates 3-dimensional objects that sit in frames or windows on the pivoting panels. What a fantastic idea, Hedi!

Here are links to a couple of tutorials on making the Pivoting Panel structure. The first by Alisa Golden on her always-informative blog called Making Handmade Books. The tutorial is titled Pivoting Panels: How to Design the Panels.

Another tutorial by an artist named Jane Davies is here.

I couldn't find any information about making the 3-D windows, so you'll probably need to do some experimenting on your own. Time to pull out some paper and start folding!

Happy holidays,