Gone Fishing!

Gone Fishing!

23 Sandy is Currently Closed for Summer Break

As you may recall, we are usually closed for the month of August. But, this year we are taking our summer break a bit early. We'll be closed now through August 4. If you need to pick up artwork or see something special during the break, please contact Laura for an appointment.

Please join us when we reopen in August with a second solo show with Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian’s surreal landscapes offer phantasmagoric visions of a where-is-this world, defined by impossibly complex architecture and M.C.Escher-esque black-and-white graphics. Inspired by the imaginary realms of cult author H.P. Lovecraft—whose wild, cosmic short stories set the mold for much of the 20th century's best science fiction—Kazanjian’s aim is to redress the “misunderstanding that photography has a kind of built-in objectivity…to defamiliarize the familiar.”

You may remember Jim's previous solo show here at 23 Sandy way back in May of 2009. We are very excited to see Jim's new work in August. More details plus an online catalog will be coming soon.
Also in August: Linda Welch

Portland artist Linda Welch has been a crowd favorite with her two very successful solo shows here at 23 Sandy Gallery. This month we are pleased to be working with Renée Zangara, a member of Nine Gallery, to curate two new shows of Linda's abstract paintings, sculptures and artist books in two different locations. Opening on First Thursday at Nine Gallery (inside Blue Sky Gallery in Portland's Pearl District) we will be presenting Linda's larger paintings and sculptures. Then the following evening, First Friday, we'll celebrate again at 23 Sandy Gallery with a show of Linda's artist books and smaller paintings.


Have a great summer!