Go See Helen Heibert's Mother Tree!

Go See Helen Heibert's Mother Tree!

Fantastic Installation in Portland by One of our Favorite Gallery Artists

Earlier this week I had the great pleasure of viewing Helen Heibert's Mother Tree installation downtown in The Portland Building. Being a big fan of Helen's work I was very excited to get a good look at this 7-foot tall beauty.

Be sure to stop by and see it through March 12. I'm planning to sit and crochet with Helen sometime soon and can't wait to hear more about the project. You too, can meet the artist and crochet with her on-site 11:30-1:30 weekdays.

The synopsis for Mother Tree reads, "The Mother Tree is a life-size handmade paper dress, a work in progress that will be created February 16 – March 12  as part of the Portland Building's Installation Space program presented by the Regional Arts & Culture Council. Single strands of crocheted thread will extend from the bodice of the dress; as the strands cascade to the floor they will turn into roots, symbolizing the mother as a provider and nurturer throughout human development. The artist and a sewing circle will gather in the space daily to crochet more strands which will pile up on the floor, filling the area as a tree's roots would fill the ground beneath it."

We are thrilled to carry Helen's broadside featuring a William Stafford poem, There is a Thread, in gallery inventory. It's a marvelous handmade paper broadside that was letterpress printed by another of our gallery artists, Sandy Tilcock.

Also, we are very proud to be hosting a solo show of Helen's work in the gallery coming up in November/December 2010. Stay tuned for more info on that exciting show.