Gifty Picks - Day 6 - Touchstones by Pamela Paulsrud

Gifty Picks - Day 6 - Touchstones by Pamela Paulsrud

Today's holiday Gifty Picks are from Illinois artist Pamela Paulsrud. Her Touchstones have been gallery visitor favorites since our Sense and Sensuality juried exhibition way back in 2007. These incredibly soft altered vintage books are sanded down to a smooth rock shape and make great gifts. Some of the books are math books or foreign language books or have interesting foil stamping on the spines, making for interesting found text. Some of the books are old encyclopedias or other books with pictures or maps that make for delightful found and random images.

If you order touchstones for a holiday gift I will personally pick out the best if the batch that we have in stock. Plus, I've just marked them down to a sale price of $50 instead of the regular $65.

You can order Touchstones here at the sale price plus free shipping if your order is placed by noon tomorrow.

Have a good day,