Gifty Picks - Day 5 - Natural Order by Anne Covell

Gifty Picks - Day 5 - Natural Order by Anne Covell

In keeping with yesterday's deck of cards Gifty Pick, today's feature is also a deck of cards. Iowa artist Anne Covell has created this awesome deck, titled Natural Order: A Game of Pairs, modeled on the kids game of pairs using fantastic letterpress printed animal illustrations. The set includes a learning guide booklet and matching paper box.

Anne tells us, "This piece is a play on the childhood game of memory. However, instead of matching like pairs, I have adapted this classic game to feature symbiotic relationships as they are found in nature. In this game, players learn not only to associate and partner mutual relationships, but also commensal, and parasitic ones in order to better understand the complexity, diversity, and often, brutal severity of relationships that bring order to the natural world. Conceptualized and printed of a quality suitable for display, but intended to be handled, I have designed this work to intentionally blur the boundaries between the functions of artist books and zines in artistic practice. The set includes thirty cards, each with hand-drawn illustrations, as well as an in-depth learning guide that teaches about each of the 15 symbiotic relationships featured within this piece."

You can purchase today's Gifty Pick here with free shipping if ordered by noon tomorrow.

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