Congratulations Pop-Up Now Award Winners!

Congratulations Pop-Up Now Award Winners!

23 Sandy Gallery is pleased to announce our POP-UP NOW II award winners. This exciting exhibition is on view in the gallery through December 17th, so stop by soon to see the show if you happen to be in Portland.

Pop-up and movable artist books are always crowd pleasers—if only on structural fun alone. We are thrilled that so many artists were inspired to go beyond the whiz-bang to make pop-up and movable books that tell a bigger story. After all, book artists are very adept at pushing further and rounding out the book with more context. This international exhibition features 49 handmade books by 43 artists including artists from as far away as Spain, the United Kingdom and Canada.

So, without further waiting, here are our POP-UP NOW II award winners:


Pop-Up Now II was juried by a team of three jurors. Representing the library world, Jim Carmin has directed the operations of the John Wilson Special Collections at Multnomah County Library since 1998. He is a good friend and supporter of 23 Sandy Gallery and has helped jury a few shows in our first 10 years of operation. He chose these awards:

Librarian's Choice Award: A Different Kind of Carousel by Jihae Kwon Librarian's Choice Award: I dwell in possibility – by Dawn Peterson


Larry Seidman, is a board member of the Movable Book Society. He is an avid collector and seller of antique movable books, ephemera, puzzles, and pre-cinema optical toys. He has been a supporter of the 23 Sandy Gallery and was a juror for the first Pop-Up Now in 2010. He has some great choices for awards along with a few notes to pass along:

Collector's Choice Award: Manipulation by Lynn Skordal Larry tells us, "a marvelous manipulated book in the class of "A Humument" by Tom Phillips." Collector's Choice Award: Juxtaposition by Lynn Skordal "a wonderful, masterful homage to the early metamorphic slice books, worthy to stand beside Meggendorfer  in artistic achievement"

Collector's Choice Award: Lunae Secutor by Bryan Kring "a sublime transcendent automaton, a wonderful creation from the mind of this gifted artist."


And finally, our last juror, Laura Russell (yours truly!), owner of 23 Sandy Gallery:

Gallery Choice Award: All Sorts by Emily Martin "As a graphic designer I find this book is not only an example of stellar design and color, but it is a well-researched and well-conceived work where each and every element from the structure, inspired by orange crates, to the double alphabet, counts. It is also flawlessly executed. Top notch quality."
Gallery Choice Award: Uri Mwita Mama by Judy Sgantas "This book takes Hedi Kyle's Fishbone fold and adds pop! The vibrant culture of Rwanda comes alive." 

Congratulations to all of our POP-UP NOW II award winners. Selecting these awards was difficult in a show filled with so many very talented artists.

POP-UP NOW will be on view in the gallery through December 17, 2016. Regular gallery hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. Stop by soon!