Congratulations Jim Lommasson

Congratulations Jim Lommasson

Jim has been featured in a few shows here at 23 Sandy—most recently our Book Power show back in June. Jim's book, titled I Wouldn't Wish War on My Worst Ememy is a powerful and haunting compilation of photographs and words from returning Iraq war vets.

This book was acquired from this show by Reed College and is currently on display at the Museum of Contemporary Craft's new show, Object Focus: The Book. Be sure to catch this amazing selection of artist books from the Reed College collection. It is an in-depth overview of the many different avenues of the book arts world, ranging from Fluxus to German conceptual artist books to modern experiments in the book form.

We still have this book for sale here in the gallery with all proceeds from the sale benefiting two non-profits that work with vets. Stop by the museum or the gallery to see this remarkable book sometime soon.

You can learn more about the exhibition at the museum, which runs through February 26, 2011 by clicking here.

Congrats, Jim!