Congratulations HELLO HEDI Award Winners!

Congratulations HELLO HEDI Award Winners!

23 Sandy Gallery is thrilled to announce the award winners for our current exhibition titled HELLO HEDI. This lively and engaging show features 56 books by 53 artists, all inspired by the myriad structures invented by Hedi Kyle. A force in our field, Hedi has invented many popular structures including the flag book, blizzard book, fishbone fold, Wunderkabinets, pivoting panel book and many others. She has had an enormous impact on the book arts since the 1970s. Long a respected book conservator and teacher, Hedi has inspired book artists around the world with innovative structures and materials explorations. Her willingness to share and her unique vision are unparalleled.

Thanks to these very talented artists, HELLO HEDI turned out to be so much more than just a structure show. The complex and lively artist books honor Hedi’s paper transformations with smart stories, strong concepts, focused contexts and excellent craftsmanship. The artists not only adapted her structures, but they also expanded on her ideas, innovating further and channeling Hedi’s delight in discovery that has long inspired us all.

Congratulations to the following award winners for HELLO HEDI!

The Library Choice Awards recognize four books for superior creativity, concept or craftsmanship as selected by votes cast by our librarian friends at museums and universities across the country. This award is a purchase prize—a yet-to-be-selected book from this show will be purchased by the gallery and donated to one of our voting libraries. The awards go to:

Library Choice Award: Cranes & Iris by Penelope Hall

Library Choice Award: HEDIDAY by Dorothy A. Yule

Library Choice Award: Mardi Gras by Charlene Asato

Library Choice Award: Vellicate by Karen Hardy

The Hedi Kyle Awards were selected by Hedi herself during her visit to Portland last week. It was such thrill to have her spirited, creative, generous soul here at the gallery. She spent a lot of time with each and every book and had a chance to meet many of the artists at our very busy (and very hot!) reception on Friday night. Hedi said she was drawn to give awards for the books that were very most innovative, that took her structures further and expanded on her own ideas.

The Hedi Kyle Award: KAMO by Kyoko Matsunaga

The Hedi Kyle Award: Metamorphosis by Ginger Burrell

The Hedi Kyle Award: Blizzard Book by Virginia Phelps

The Hedi Kyle Award: Desert Dreaming: Explorations & Excavations of HK in Greater Syria by Elsi Vassdal Ellis

The Hedi Kyle Award: HEDIDAY by Dorothy A. Yule

The Hedi Kyle Award: 26 Soldiers of Lead by Laurie Corral

Congratulations to all of our HELLO HEDI award winners. The competition was mighty stiff!

HELLO HEDI will be on view in the gallery through July 25, 2015.

Stop by soon!