Congratulations FEAST Award Winners!

Congratulations FEAST Award Winners!

Congratulations to the following award winning artists for the best works in our wildly popular FEAST exhibition.


Mortal Salt by Daniel Smith

Chili: A Recipe by David Esslemont

The Mystery of the Donut Bastards by Patricia Freeman-Martin


Nourish by Diane Jacobs Here’s a terrific comment about Nourish from one of our voting librarians, “The high-end production gets the top vote. What can I say, it looks beautifully printed, sumptuous, well-crafted, and engaging. Yummy!”

Hansel & Gretel by Virginia Flynn and Joe Freedman*

Dirt Book by Katya Reka

*The Librarian’s Choice award is a purchase prize. Hensel & Gretel will be purchased by the gallery and donated to this randomly selected voting library: Swarthmore College.

Many thanks to the many artists who made this show a fantastic success and to our librarian friends for their time and efforts in voting. So many hard choices this time around!

Congratulations to all!