Commemorating Veterans Day with Artist Books

Commemorating Veterans Day with Artist Books

This week we honored those who serve our country with Veterans Day, and that got me thinking about three very powerful artist books we carry here at 23 Sandy.

The first, War Story by Don Unrau, is new to gallery inventory and is very hard to get out of your mind once you read the heartfelt musings paired with moving portraits of Vietnam veterans photographed by this Portland-based artist. Don took photos of these vets and then asked them to write about their experiences or feelings about the war directly on the photographs. The vet’s stories are stirring and poignant. The large format prints are presented in a portfolio covered with army green book cloth. See more photos of this powerful work here.

Hawk/Dove, by Bea Nettles features photographs of names of war veterans as early as the civil war taken from cemetery gravestones. See it here.

A Soldier’s Heart is an accordion illustrated by Mari Eckstein Gower, whose detailed, stylistic drawings are always phenomenal. In this book, inspired by her father, she “explores the subject of PTSD, looking to historical portrayals of the effects of warfare and the ways PTSD has been described in the past.” Find out more about this book here.

If you would like to add any of these works to your collection, you can send me an email, pick up the phone or order on the gallery web site.

Thank you, veterans.