Check out the Book Arts Newsletter

Check out the Book Arts Newsletter

Book artists, librarians and collectors: do you subscribe to Sarah Bodman's fantastic Book Arts Newsletter? If not, stop everything and 1.) Download the September/October issue and 2.) Email Sarah to subscribe to her email notification list so that you know when future issues are released.

I just finished reading the new issue (64 pages!) and I am, as usual, inspired and excited at what's happening in the wide world book arts—and I mean world wide! Sarah is a research fellow at the University of the West of England, but her newsletter contains listings from around the world. Exhibition announcements, publication releases, workshop and exhibition opportunities, book fairs, event reviews, book reviews and other stellar content make it a must-read for anyone involved in the book arts.

This issue contains a story from our own Jane Carlin at the University of Puget Sound; a Jeff Rathermel review of a new and very interesting rubber stamping book (comeback?); and an announcement from 23 Sandy friend Gwido Zlatkes who recently opened a book arts center in Poland.

Check it out here and thank you, Sarah, for all you do to promote our field of book arts.