Call for Entries: Infinite Possibilities

Call for Entries: Infinite Possibilities

What happens when two book artists—one math-phobic and one-math loving—get together to brainstorm? An exhibition, of course. That's what happened with our latest opportunity for book artists. My friend Dina and I wanted to collaborate on a show, and math and science seemed like the perfect subject. What inspiration could book artists muster from subjects as far ranging as medicine, space, architecture, engineering, physics, genetics and more?

By those in the know, meaning those left-brained, analytical types, math and science are often described in artistic terms: the eloquence of an equation, the beauty of a concept. Infinite Possibilities looks at the opposite: how math and science can be used artistically to inspire book artists to think creatively about such topics. We are looking for book art works that incorporate mechanical and theoretical concepts, from serious to humorous.

We invite you to submit to Infinite Possibilities: Math, Science, Book Arts. This show will be in the gallery in December and we'll have a guest co-juror, Dina Scheel, a Bay Area book artist and collector. We are accepting unique or editioned artist books, broadsides, wall-hung works, book objects and more.

Entry Deadline: September 28, 2012

In the meantime you'll find inspiration in this math and science curated collection from current gallery inventory here.