Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight

Heidi Kirkpatrick & Victoria Bjorklund

 We are looking forward to two inspiring photographers in the Gallery this month—Heidi Kirkpatrick of Portland, Oregon and Victoria Bjorklund of Tacoma, Washington. These two shows are not to be missed!

Heidi Kirkpatrick: Gray Area. As a fine art photographer, Kirkpatrick offers interpretations of the world experienced from a woman’s perspective, often using subjects with whom she has a personal relationship. Her willingness to expose her conflicts about how society’s expectations restrain and confine contemporary women allows other women a vehicle to express their conflicts as well. Kirkpatrick pairs photographs with found objects—children’s blocks, books and even old ash trays to create renewed objects of art. By incorporating figurative images and actual portraits, Kirkpatrick “reframes” these stories, allowing for ever changing vignettes. Channeling an old Gray’s Anatomy book, Kirkpatrick encases her paper dissections in or on these objects. Kirkpatrick’s work is included in OSHU’s Corporate Collection as well as several museum collections throughout the United States. Heidi Kirkpatrick is based in Portland, Oregon. She has been featured in two previous group shows here at 23 Sandy Gallery.

Victoria Bjorklund: Glass Figments. Bjorklund is a photographic and book artist residing in Tacoma, Washington. Her interests lie in both natural and urban landscapes. Influenced by ability of writers to describe the world around them, Bjorklund strives to create a photographic narrative within each image. In her collection, Glass Figments, Bjorklund integrates reflective images with her subject, creating a duality that is aesthetically pleasing and thought provoking, causing the viewer to step past the obvious and explore the more subliminal elements. Bjorklund’s images invite the viewer into the photograph, melding reality with illusion—not unlike taking a walk through the looking glass. Victoria Bjorklund is a 2009 recipient of the Tacoma Artist Initiative Program grant (TAIP) by the city of Tacoma.

Both exhibits are on view through November 27, 2009. Gallery hours are Thurs-Sat, 12-6:00 p.m.