Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight

Karen Hanmer

We are happy to introduce you to Chicago bookbinder and installation artist, Karen Hanmer. Hanmer is a master at integrating contemporary subjects and old world craftmanship, creating work that is perfection.

Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than All Shook Up. Hanmer has taken the iconic Elvis Presley, and showcased him in yet another new venue. Thanks to her use of an accordion flag book technique, Elvis seems to come alive.

In Mirage, Hanmer creates an ephemeral scene, dreamlike and misty. A rushing of monochromatic color gives the viewer a feeling of speeding down the road in a convertible, hair whipping in the wind, gathering glimpses of scenery. The use of beautifully textured paper will help you experience the scene rather than remain an onlooker.

Hanmer has exhibited all over North America and England. Her work is included in as many collections, including Graceland. Hanmer has been a friend of 23 Sandy for years and we encourage you to come by and take a look at her eclectic work.