Artist Book Spotlight: Interluceo by Helen Hiebert

Artist Book Spotlight: Interluceo by Helen Hiebert

One particularly beautiful find at Codex—and part of our current Codex Finds exhibition—is by an artist who has long been a favorite of 23 Sandy fans. A former Oregonian who recently moved to the mountains of Colorado, Helen Hiebert is one of the foremost hand papermakers in the country. She is a well-published author, respected leader in the field and an all-around brilliant artist. Her technical skills, creative eye and knack for pulling together highly-skilled collaborators makes her work top-notch.

Helen has a gorgeous new book that is an exploration of sacred geometry and watermarks, plus a collaboration with renowned paper cut artist Béatrice Coron. Interluceo is lush, smart and beautiful. Helen wrote a terrific blog post about the making of Interluceo, where she tells us, "Interluceo means to shine or gleam between; to be transparent; to let light through gaps."

Or, purchase Interluceo on the 23 Sandy web site here.

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P.S. If you are planning a trip to Portland this summer, Helen is also teaching her Playing With Paper workshop at OCAC.