Article in Today's Oregonian About Photo+Book

Article in Today's Oregonian About Photo+Book

Power to the Artists! The Self Publishing Revolution

The gallery was fortunate today to be featured in the Oregonian newspaper, on the front pages of the How We Live section, no less. Read the full article on DK Row's Blog here.

Writer Bob Hicks took the "democratization of art photography" angle in the article which was really terrific. As a book artist I've always been a fan of "democratic multiples" and Bob made the link between POD books and artist books that I hadn't made before. They also printed two color photographs from our Best of Show winners, Jonathan Sharlin (shown below) and Kristy Lynn Carpenter (show above).

Other show artists featured in the article follow in this expert: "Melissa K. Stallard's "Worth the Trip," is her MFA thesis, a clear-eyed and affecting gathering of off-the-mainline scenes of life between her adopted home of Chicago and her hometown in Tennessee.... "The Battered Trucks of Barrow," a compelling visual cacophony by Dennis Witmer of Fairbanks, Alaska; the portraits in "Mostra" by Portlander Loren Minnick; the sweet "Interior Nature" by Karen Bucher of Las Cruces, N.M.; Portlander Stewart Harvey's compelling shots of New Orleans and its people in "Souls by Water"; and "Exit Wounds," Portlander Jim Lommasson's book of searing images of the lives of military veterans back in civilian life..."

Congratulations to all of the Photo+Book artists. Your utterly compelling books have made a wonderful show.