Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

Ink & Impact, Benefit Exhibit Celebrating Write Around Portland

Featured in conjunction with our not to be missed Broadsided! exhibition, is Ink & Impact, a benefit for Write Around Portland. Through a unique model of writing workshops, coupled with published anthologies and community readings, the nonprofit organization, Write Around Portland ( has spent the past decade helping people transform their lives through the power of writing in community. In celebration of this milestone, Ink & Impact has distilled the past 10 years and thousands of writers, into 10 glorious works of art. Some of the region’s finest letterpress artists were invited to find inspiration in the writings of workshop participants, and create visual expressions of their words.

The following letterpress artists have designed and created broadsides for Ink & Impact: Mare Blocker, Inge Bruggeman, Warren Buss, Clare Carpenter, Diane Chonette, Diane Jacobs, Carla Schultz, Barbara Tetenbaum, Sandy Tilcock and Shu-Ju Wang.

Write Around Portland offers workshops at no cost to people living with HIV/AIDS, veterans living with PTSD, survivors of domestic violence, adults and youth in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions, low-income seniors, people in prison, teen parents, and others who may not have access to writing in community because of income, isolation or other barriers. Be sure to take this opportunity to experience the literary talent and letterpress interpretations of these fine writers and artists.

Image: A Shift in Focus, Shu-Ju Wang