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Art Biz Blog

Hello Artist Friends,

The questions I get most from artists often relate to the marketing of artwork. If you are an artist you should be reading the Art Biz Blog written by Alyson Stanfield. I have been marketing artwork, either my own or that of the other amazingly talented artists that I represent here at 23 Sandy Gallery for close to 10 years now. Alyson's blog posts and articles are always spot on advice and at least once a week she teaches me something new. Pay attention to the comments for her posts for other ideas and thoughts from her loyal following of artists. Mostly they are just affirmations of the posted topic, but sometimes they can also generate a lively discussion.

Today's topic was whether or not art demos detract from sales during events like art fairs, studio tours and such. Here at 23 Sandy Gallery we rarely make sales during demos or other artist events but we feel that they are an important public service and having the chance to educate and inform both art buyers and artists always pays off down the road in not only good karma but future sales. So, we'll keep doing them until we get tired of giving too much of our precious time.

Good luck!