2016 Exhibition Opportunities at 23 Sandy Gallery

2016 Exhibition Opportunities at 23 Sandy Gallery

Ever feel like there just isn’t nearly enough time to prepare new work for all of the terrific book art exhibition opportunities that abound these days? Me too! The good news, is that now that 23 Sandy Gallery has nearly 9 years of exhibition experience, we are finally getting better at planning our show calendar a little further in advance. As you may know, we organize two juried book arts exhibitions each year. Here are your 2016 show opportunities:

WANDERLUST On View in the gallery: May 27- July, 30, 2016 Submission Deadline: March 19, 2016

Our first juried show of 2016 is themed Wanderlust, a word that can mean many things. It's a German word, made from "wandern," which means walking, as in to take a walk, and "Lust," desire. It can also mean a strong desire to travel or discover new places. 

POP-UP NOW II On View in the gallery: November 4 - December 17, 2016 Submission Deadline: August 27, 2016

A juried exhibition of hand bound pop-up and movable books. Our first pop-up show was way back in 2010 and was one of our most talked about shows ever! More info and a full prospectus will be posted here in early 2016.

Happy creating,