1,000 Artists' Books

1,000 Artists' Books

Call For Entries For Artist Books

Gallery favorites Peter and Donna Thomas are putting out a call for entries for an upcoming commercially published book that will feature 1,000 artist books. Yes, you read that right, 1,000 books!

You may have seen the artist books of Peter and Donna here at 23 Sandy Gallery. The miniature books that this amazingly creative husband and wife team produce are popular for their sweet imagery and intriguing miniature structures. Now we are helping to spread the word about their current project. Peter and Donna will be co-editing (along with Sandra Salamony) a book that will feature 1,000 artist books and we thought you might want to submit your work.

1000 Artists' Books is being published by the same publisher who published Peter and Donna's first book More Making Books by Hand. The publisher, Rockport Publishers/Quarry Books is known for their high-quality visual and idea books for design professionals and creative enthusiasts. This book will be part of their series of 1000 image books. It will be a gallery-style book titled 1000 Artists’ Books (publication date June 2012), which will present 1,000 images of artists' books.

The goal is to show a variety of artists' books. Since the readers of this book will not be able to hold your actual book, they will be looking for multiple images that visually show the reader how and why the book is an artists' book and not just a sculpture in book form. Granted some artists' books will be three-dimensional objects, but most books will have some quality of sequence that cannot be understood from a single image. They want images that show those qualities. They will be giving preference to images of books that have both outsides (bindings) with strong visual appeal and insides (text and/or imagery) with just as strong visual appeal, but will also accept single photo images that nicely illustrate a single striking aspect of a certain type of artists book. At this time they anticipate showing 1-3 books by each artist, so will ask you to send images of 4-6 books, a maximum of 20 images, for them to choose from.

Peter and Donna are very excited about this project and hope that you will contribute to it. As there are so many great book artists their selection will be based a little on "first come first serve", so get your images in soon. That will help them meet their deadlines, and secure your spot in the 1,000.

Good luck!