Christmas in July — Shawn Sheehy Style!

Fresh Cut Xmas by Shawn Sheehy

Fresh Cut Xmas by Shawn Sheehy

I’ve always been a big fan of Shawn Sheehy. His work as a paper maker, book artist, pop-up engineer and teacher is top-notch—plus he is a genuine, all-around super person. So, when Shawn recently asked me to carry his books in gallery inventory I was very excited. His most recent book titled, Fresh Cut Xmas: A Well-Trimmed Survey of Holiday Plants is terrific.

Shawn tells us that this book “celebrates the flora that has played a role in winter holidays for centuries. In contrast with the excess of contemporary seasonal traditions, the style of this book is minimal; the palette is spare, the baubles are few, and the text on each page is composed using the haiku’s 17 stark syllables. Here’s a sample from the frankincense spread:

The frankincense tree
bleeds the fragrance of kings; but
commoners choose AX.

Fresh Cut Xmas looks at ancient plant folklore through a contemporary lens with dual purpose: understanding and appreciating each plant more fully, and highlighting oddities of 21st century cultural practice.”


Eelio by Shawn Sheehy

Eelio by Shawn Sheehy

You can purchase Shawn’s work here. He also sent another very interesting pop-up, EELIO, the second in his Enviro-Gods Series.

If you are interested in learning more about Shawn, I recommend listening to his Helen Hiebert podcast interview that very nicely covers his back story, artistic process and several interesting stories about the world of commercial pop-up book publishing.

Also, Shawn is the conference chair for this year’s Movable Book Society conference in Kansas City in September. This is one conference I highly recommend. Many talented book artists are involved in this inspiring organization. Find out more about the MBS and the conference here.


New Artist @ 23 Sandy: Smith Eliot

The Book of Hurt 'n' Healing by Smith Eliot

The Book of Hurt ‘n’ Healing by Smith Eliot

I first met Smith Eliot when I curated her work into Photo+Construct, a group exhibition of mixed-media and sculptural photography way back in 2007. Over the years I have admired her ability to tell a story with photographs and found materials. Her book-like constructions contain narratives that are deep, soulful, sensual, often focused on dark, melancholic and personal refections of life, death, and everything in between. Finally, I’ve decided to carry her work in inventory and I think you will find it as compelling as I do.

Click here to see more bookworks by Smith.

Pardon the Intrusion

Intrusion by Ellen Knudson

Intrusion by Ellen Knudson

Ellen Knudson, in my opinion, is one of the best letterpress book artists working today. Her books always delve deep into timely issues, are superbly designed and printed and are often subtle works of subversion. Her new book, Intrusion, is a stunner, both visually and topically.

Ellen tells us, “Intrusion is a modern bestiary that illustrates the conjured effects of human encroachment on nature and wildlife. These contemporary beasts are the amalgamation of animal bodies and environmental abuses — the illustrated outcomes of the human excesses of plastic bottles and bags, the unrestrained consumption of goods and the inordinate amount of garbage it creates, the imprudent disposal of decor and furniture, the overuse of water and the naive assumption that water is forever guaranteed, and the evolution of disease that is the consequence of carelessness.”

See more photos of Ellen’s work and order your copy of Intrusion here.

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