Artist Book Spotlight – Mutterfarbe – Video UPDATE

Recently we told you about Mutterfarbe, a new artist book and installation project by Erin Mickelson and Brandi Katherine Herrara. Now we are thrilled to present a video of these very talented women talking about this multi-faceted work, its conception and their collaborative process.

Using Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s seminal work, Zur Farbenlehre (Theory of Colors, 1810) as a primary source, Herrera translated sections of the text from German to English during a residency at the Château de Monthelon (Burgundy, France) for the first time since Charles Eastlake’s 1840 edition. In this brilliantly designed limited-edition artist book, the language of color is transformed in order to provide fresh perspective on an archaic text, and allow Goethe’s words to reimagine themselves within a more contemporary conversation.

Click here to learn more about the Mutterfarbe book.


Women Rise at 23 Sandy Gallery!

women-rise-500wThis month we debut our Curated Collection titled WOMEN RISE, featuring artist books at 23 Sandy Gallery that celebrate women and girls, or shed light on important women’s issues. As we start this New Year, women’s issues are first and foremost on a lot of minds.

This online collection of unique and limited-edition artist books is a special way to tell the stories of women, to celebrate our accomplishments, and to frame a dialog about many important topics. Once again we use books to highlight the power of artists to change the world.

Click here to see the WOMEN RISE Curated Collection.


Keep the Change by Chandler O'Leary and Jessica Spring

Keep the Change by Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring

Also Featuring:

Since beginning their Dead Feminists series of broadsides in 2008, collaborators Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring have featured 24 different women from history, connecting their words and stories to current social and political issues. The newest chapter in the series is the publication of Dead Feminists: Historical Heroines in Living Color published by Sasquatch. This recent exhibition looked into the process of creating both the prints and the book, from original drawings and ephemera to the latest print in the series that was revealed concurrently with the book release.

Click here to see available limited-edition DEAD FEMINISTS broadsides.


Women Rise!

Your Last Minute Reminder! BUILT Call for Entries

built-logo-250wCall for Entries: BUILT
On View at 23 Sandy Gallery:
April 7 – May 27, 2017
Submission Deadline: January 7, 2017

23 Sandy Gallery is calling for submissions for BUILT: Book art as a context to explore architecture, design, the built world, the built book.

This international juried exhibition of book and paper art aims to examine the relationship between contemporary book art practices and architecture, engineering, landscape and construction as form, function and structure. Let’s re-image the ways we as designers, of either books or buildings can inhabit and shape the world around us. Our disciplines have a natural synergy. After all, books and buildings are both kinetic, sequential, structural and time based. Taken a step further, book art can provide a framework for topics like urbanism, town planning, buildings and space. Let’s examine the relationship between the built and the book.

This exhibit is open to handmade book and paper arts related works created as either edition or one-of-a-kind. Artist books, sculptural books, book objects, altered books, zines, and broadsides are all encouraged.

The gallery will award $500 in purchase prizes, plus three best of show awards.

23 Sandy Gallery is a fine art gallery located in Portland, Oregon. Open since 2007, we present local and national artists working in contemporary book and paper arts.

A full prospectus and call for entries for BUILT can be found here.

Deadline for submissions is January 7, 2017.

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